What To Do When Windows 10 Settings App Is Not Opening?

Playing a simple music track could help you if you’re not sure, since you’ll notice the green bars moving while it’s playing. Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner and choose Sounds. No, there isn’t proof that the private data of 1.5 billion Facebook users is being sold by hackers. Another way is by just right-clicking the Start chakra.dll was not found menu in the bottom-left corner of your desktop. But knowing what’s on the Power User menu doesn’t matter unless you know how to access it. There’s a neat menu, often called the Power User or WinX menu, that’s hidden on the Windows 10 desktop. Whatever you prefer to call it, this menu is extremely useful.

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  • Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager from the resulting menu.

After this Registry change, you will still see the Settings Icon and the Control Panel Shortcut. However, clicking on them will not provide access to Settings menu or the Control Panel. Resetting the Settings app is a relatively straightforward process.

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This is extremely useful but hidden on the desktop. Doing this will enable HomeGroup to be managed by using the user account credentials instead of Windows controlling the process like giving connection passwords and other features of the HomeGroup. Once you are done doing this tweak, you will need to click on the“Save changes” button that is found at the bottom-right portion of the Window in order to save and apply the changes you just did. The first one is recommended by Windows 10 and it says “Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections ” as you can see on the screenshot below.

Note that you could also click on ‘Key’, and this would create a sub-key under the original one. The following sequence shows how to create and modify keys and data using the registry editor. For this example, I am going to firstly create a new key under ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ . Open the registry editor by following the above instructions and right click on HKCU. Highlight ‘New’ on the menu that appears and then click on ‘Key’ in the subsequent menu. Give ownership of a file, folder, or registry key to the specified user. I have an issues with a key that is owned by system.

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How To Manage Advanced Windows Sound Options Using Settings

Click the Buy button and select your payment method, such as a credit card or Microsoft Store credit, to begin the download. A PC running Windows 10 in S mode may also be of use to consumers who aren’t very tech-savvy and prone to downloading malware and viruses regularly.

Double-click on the NoControlPanel value and change the value data to 1. On the right side, double-click Prohibit access to Control Panel and PC settings. To revert the change, open regedit, go back to the key mentioned above, and change the NoControlPanel value to 0, or delete the NoControlPanel value. To revert changes you’ve made to the Windows registry, you can reset the registry to the default values.