Q: Is Readyclean insured?
A: Yes, we are fully insured

Q: What types of chemicals are used to disinfect?
A: Our disinfectant and cleaning products are EPA-certified for disinfecting against coronavirus.

Q: How soon can I book a cleaning? 
A: We offer same day, and over-night service. 

Q: Can Readyclean clean my home or facility on a daily, or weekly basis? 
A: Yes, we offer daily services as well as weekly subscriptions at a discounted rate. 

Q: How long does the cleaning process take? 
A: 2-3 hours for most homes. 

Q: Can I be home when the cleaning crew arrives?
A: Yes, but we recommend you stay in a separate room as the crew cleans. Best would be to leave the premise.

Q: Is the staff tested for Covid-19? 
A: Our crew wears Hazmat suits and masks 100% of the time to keep you and your family or team safe.

Q: How do you clean and disinfect?
A: All areas and surfaces get a thorough deep cleansing, removing all dirt and microfilm from the surface.

Q: Do you do fogging?
A: We use a fogging agent to disinfect surfaces and then wipe them down.